If you’re looking to learn how to or get better at managing Google Ads or paid social platforms, Inntro can help.

Inntro teaches online ad strategy and management services to non-technical people in an effort to bring them into the technology industry and give them a new career option. Learning sessions focus on Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO, and paid social platforms.

Even better, we provide opportunities for hands-on experience implementing what you learn by working with small business or startup founder clients – through us or on your own!

With Inntro, you’ll learn the basics, faster.

We get it – you want to get started and going as soon as possible.

We keep things simple and understandable while connecting you with mentors to explore more advanced approaches.

Our learning sessions cover:

  • Competitor and keyword research
  • Analytics setup and review
  • Ad copywriting
  • Campaign set up and launch
  • Reporting best practices

Who can benefit from Inntro?

As part the Inntro model, we teach online ad process and techniques to underrepresented youth, veterans, and formerly incarcerated individuals who can take these new skills in any direction – from launching a career in tech to starting their own agency.

Because of this, we don’t gravitate toward a “that’s how it’s always been done” approach. Instead, we blend experienced online ad professionals with those just learning the trade who bring a fresh perspective to solving business problems.

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